Stories and signposts for discovering giftedness in order to advance human flourishing.

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Giftedness Guide

Everyone, everywhere is born to do something. We call that something their giftedness. However, most people don’t know what their giftedness is. Which is where you come in as a giftedness guide.

A giftedness guide is equipped to help others discover their giftedness and then act on that insight in the major areas of their life, such as vocation, relationships, and living with purpose.

Giftedness Stories

The best way to discover your giftedness is to see it in action from your own life history. We’re looking for stories about an activity you enjoyed doing, felt a sense of satisfaction from doing, or gained energy from doing.

There are five categories of detail you should pay special attention to. They fit into the acronym: AWARE.

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We guide individuals and teams to discover and use their giftedness in ways that transform work, learning, relationships, and living in communities everywhere.

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To mobilize a global movement to unleash people's giftedness for human flourishing.

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"Bill Hendricks was instrumental for me in discovering and clarifying my calling during the first quarter of my career. Discovering our purpose in life is one of the most important questions we can ask. Bill helps you practically answer that question with."
Brad L
(Author, The Catalyst Leader)

"Finally, somebody who gets it—it IS all about you! You are the only YOU we’ve got. And if you don’t become YOU we’re going to miss YOU! In this insightful volume, Bill uses his own giftedness to help you discover yours."
Reggie M
(Author, A Work of Heart; missional leadership specialist for Leadership Network)

"A valuable, easy-to-understand guide for discovering what in the world you were made for. Bill Hendricks’ insight into giftedness has helped me navigate my own life’s direction."
Peggy W
(Former correspondent, ABC News)